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Love Is Project Holiday Gift Guide | Shop By Style

October 06, 2021 5 min read

 Love is Project Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gifts that give back? With over 50 styles and colors to choose from, Love Is Project has bracelets for every occasion. Arm candy for weekend getaways to weddings to picnics to birthday parties to anywhere in between! Here's our gift guide to find the right style for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for an eclectic stack or a classic statement piece, you’ve come to the right place. Look good and feel good wearing bracelets that empower female artisans all over the world!

Wear your heart on your sleeve with our original LOVE bracelet! Our OG beaded leather bracelet is made in Kenya by over 1400 Maasai and Samburu moms. while making a statement of LOVE, hope, kindness, and more. This inspirational bracelet started a social movement around the world, and we've launched new color and pattern iterationswe think you'll love too!

Customize your Gift

Looking for a bespoke, unique gift? Put your feelings into words that your loved one can wear with our  engravable jewelry collection. Our engraved necklaces made out of  upcycled cow horn are a heartfelt gift! Want a custom bracelet? Our  personalized lockets that you can put pictures of a loved one in are sure to be treasured, and you can even include a personalized message on the back of our custom beaded leather bracelets for your friends and loved ones! Make party favors or corporate gifts more meaningful.

Friendship Bracelets 

Bali Friendship Bracelets
We like to think of our woven friendship bracelets as the grown-up version of the kind we used to make at summer camp. Made in Bali with fun colors and patterns, these woven bracelets give any outfit a pop of color and sparkle. The best thing about these luxe friendship bracelets is that they are perfect gift for matching with your besties! Grab a bundle and show your friends that you’ll always be there for them.

LOVE Luxe Collection

The bracelets in our Love Luxe collection are perfect dressed down or up. Our Love Luxe bracelets are versatile and pairs well your bright smile and glow!

Love Is Project Love Luxe collection
Inspired by our original LOVE bracelets, our gold Alchemy and  silver Offering bracelets have many symbolic details. They also come in different sizes! 
Trinity horn bracelets
If you‚Äôre looking for a sustainable gift, look no further than our¬†Trinity Horn Bangles. Handmade from upcycled cow horns, this set of three bracelets features a hand-carved brass plate that reads ‚ÄúLOVE‚ÄĚ.
Metallic beaded bracelets
These vibrant,¬†handmade Indian bracelets¬†are guaranteed to make you shine! We have the ever-popular¬†¬†Darjeeling¬†bracelet, with a rainbow of seed beads accented with either gold or silver threads. The classic¬†Taj¬†LOVE¬†bracelet, inspired by the designs of the Taj Mahal. It comes in so many colors! Our¬†¬†Bollywood bracelets¬†sold out within a few weeks‚ÄĒ no surprise! But we can promise that our newest collection, the¬†Gia Golden Hearts, is equally stunning.
 Mindanao Pearl bracelets
It’s nearly impossible to resist the dazzling iridescence of pearls! Our Mindanao bracelets are hand-carved, dark gemelina wood bangles inlaid with real saltwater pearls from Palawan, a beautiful island in the Philippines. The pearls are arranged in traditional Filipino designs. Our  El Nido bracelets feature two Palawan pearls elegantly woven in golden wire into a cuff. 

Jewelry to Keep You Grounded and Balanced

Love Is Project - Silver Zodiac charms
What do the stars have in store for you? Wear your zodiac sign close to you for an extra dose of alignment. Made with LOVE in Bali, Indonesia in sterling silver. Each zodiac charm pendant is carefully crafted with Balinese patterns by traditional artisans. *Necklace for purchase separately.
Zodiac horoscope beaded bracelets Love Is PRoject
Love horoscopes? Us too!! Whether you’re an air sign, water sign, fire sign, or earth sign, you’re sure to find a  zodiac sign bracelet that fits your personality. Each zodiac bracelet is designed with the colors that each sign represents: blue for  Aquarius, red for Aries, gold for Leo. These gorgeous beaded bracelets will shine and shimmer and help ground you in the energy you bring to the world. Show your zodiac love with our zodiac bracelets!
Chakra LoveStoned Bracelet Collection
These bracelets will serve as a gentle reminder on your wrist to stay balanced.
Our LoveStoned bracelet collection is made with semi-precious stones that have healing powers. Wear  Pink Agate to improve your self-esteem,  Blue Jasper to heal, or  Lapis Lazuli to boost your immune system.

Atitlan Love Bracelets Collection 

 Our Atitlan LOVE bracelets were designed with colors that will help align your chakras. Wear a  purple Atitlan bracelet to focus on your Crown Chakra, or a  pink Atitlan bracelet to ground your Root Chakra. 

Like A Prayer bracelet Love Is Project
Give the gift of Gratitude. Our Like A Prayer bracelet is made by artisans in Bhutan, these buddha bracelets represent Zen Buddhism and the cultural preservation of their country. They smell like sandalwood and come with a set of mini prayer flags and are blessed by nuns at a monastery. 
Do good by wearing good - it’s a win-win! At Love Is Project, our main mission is to make the world a better place, and our collaborations are extremely important to us. Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community with our  Rainbow Pride Collection that supports the  It Gets Better Project. When you buy a  black and gold LOVE bracelet, a portion of the profits go towards  Black Lives Matter and NAACP. All of the profits from our  white and gold Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet and our  Unity Pink and Yellow Beaded Bracelet go towards the  Green School in Bali. Check out our new collaborations with the This Saves Lives and Julian Lennon's The White Feather Foundation.

Have a Heart Bracelets

Love Is Love heart bracelets
Heart Bracelets
We have major ‚Äúheart eyes‚ÄĚ for these styles! Handmade in Mexico, the¬†¬†Chaquira bracelet set comes with two designs: one with hearts and one with theOjo de Dios symbol. TheOjo de Dios symbol provides protection and prosperity to the wearer. Our¬†¬†Talavera bracelets are made with handmade and hand painted clay hearts! Each Talavera bracelet set comes with a red heart bracelet, a blue heart bracelet, and a black heart bracelet. Our other heart bracelets include the rainbow seed bead¬†¬†Over the Rainbow bracelet and¬†¬†Rainbow River bracelet.
Wooden Bracelets
Frida love is project bracelets
Our  Frida Wooden Beaded Bracelets perfectly encapsulate Frida Kahlo’s spirit. Made by hand in the town of San Martin Tilcajete, Mexico, each bead is carved, shaped, finished, and then hand painted based off of a technique called Alebrije. Alebrije is a Mexican folk art style that was used by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in many of their paintings. Our  Corazon Wooden bangles fuse traditional Zapotec and Oaxacan designs into colorful and beautiful patterns that are sure to liven up your outfits!
Love Is Project Unity necklaces
The  Bali Unity bracelet collection is the perfect mix of boho and trendy. With pops of bright beads and tassels, they’re the perfect addition to your wrist stack or necklace layers. The  Bali Unity Wrap is unique because it’s both stackable AND layerable! Loop it around your wrist three times or wear it as a longer chain around your neck. They layer perfectly with our best selling Palma necklace from Mexico!

Love Is Project dog collars - Oprah's Favorite Things

These collars are pup-approved! Handpicked for Oprah’s Favorite Things list, our  dog collars come in three sizes to fit all breeds. You can even match with your fur baby with our dog collar and bracelet combo! 


You Have All of Our Bracelets… Now What?

Good thing for you‚ÄĒ our bracelets were made to mix and match! We've put together a couple of ways to style different bracelets for the ultimate look:¬†

Style 1: start with a  white and gold LOVE bracelet, add a  pink Taj LOVE bracelet, and a  Rose Quartz Bali friendship bracelet. Goes great with everyday outfits and a jean jacket!

Style 2: achieve beachy, summery vibes with with a  Bali friendship bracelet, a  Bali Unity bracelet, a  seed beed LOVE bracelet, paired with a  Bali Unity Wrap necklace!

Style 3: combine some  Kali bracelets with our  Trinity horn bangles and add a gold  Gia anklet. This bracelet stack is elegant and chic and pairs well with a long, flowy dress.

Our bracelets are as diverse as the artisans that make them and they reflect the culture of their country, but they all contain the theme of LOVE! When you purchase a Love Is Project bracelet, you're not only spreading LOVE but empowering female artisans all over the globe. Start styling yours NOW!


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